About Us

Our Culture

Our commitment to safety, collaboration, and leadership fosters a culture of dedicated professionals committed to providing high-quality solutions, on time, and on budget, without compromise.

At Covenant we value:

A proactive employee assistance approach
Community involvement
Creative support & communication
“One extra act of care“

Covenant Core Values

Covenant strives to foster an environment where people are first. Every decision is a reflection of maintaining the balance between our team, our customers, and our shareholders.


Demonstrating commitment into protection of our employees, the environment, company, and client assets


Subject matter experts with a high degree of competence and skill


Engaging in proactive efforts to promote human welfare


Possessing a thirst for learning and improvement, along with a willingness to accept feedback


Diligently embrace opportunities which maximize time, effort, and resources


Faithfulness to the company, customer, and tasks at hand


Conducting business in manners which encourage teamwork and camaraderie

Our Management Team

Jim Burtner

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Rock

Vice President Operations Eastern Division

Kyle Pope

Vice President Operations Western Division

Charles Hastey

Vice President Finance

Michael Hatfield, ESQ

Vice President Legal & Human Resources

Pat Larkin

Director of Asset & Service Excellence