Covenant Testing Technologies offers BOP assemblies for a wide scope of applications including snubbing, service, and workovers, with well capping events being the most common. The BOP stack can be customized with special items such as shear bonnets and boosters is available as needed. Our certified personnel have been extensively trained and are highly experienced to be able to maintain the highest levels of quality to meet and exceed industry requirements.

Technical Specs:

  • Manual & Hydraulic Choke
  • Doubles & Triples
    • 7 1/16” & 11” Bores
  • Pressure ratings 3k thru 10k
  • Accumulators
    • Skid mounted and trailer mounted
  • 2-8 stations
  • Dual regulators
  • Remote panels
  • Nitrogen backup
  • Surge bottles for stripping operations
  • NACE MRO175