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Covenant Testing Technologies offers high-quality Frac Stack equipment, to include customized packages designed for the specific demands that are unique to each region. High-pressure fracturing operations demand Frac Stack equipment that’s been carefully maintained, rigorously inspected and tested according to ISO-compliant quality assurance programs. Covenant stocks & maintains a wide variety of Frac Valves, Crosses, Goat Heads and Union Flanges. Additionally, Torque, Test & Valve Lubrication Services are available.All assembling and de-assembling of valves are performed according to OEM standards; valves are sent back for OEM recertification once a year and serial numbers are recorded. Covenant’s stringent maintenance procedures have resulted in a reputation for reliability in the field. The value to the operator is increased efficiencies, which yield lower completion costs.

Technical Specs:

  • Frac Stacks
    • from 3-1/16” thru 7-1/16”
  • Zipper Manifolds
    • 5-1/8” thru 7-1/16”
  • Flow Crosses
    • 1-13/16” to 7-1/16”
  • *pressure ratings 5k thru 15k psi
  • NACE MRO175

7 1/16 & 5 1/8 – 15k spool iron

Covenant Testing Technologies offers BOP assemblies for a wide scope of applications including snubbing, service, and workovers, with well capping events being the most common. The BOP stack can be customized with special items such as shear bonnets and boosters is available as needed. Our certified personnel have been extensively trained and are highly experienced to be able to maintain the highest levels of quality to meet and exceed industry requirements.

Technical Specs:

  • Manual & Hydraulic Choke
  • Doubles & Triples
    • 7 1/16” & 11” Bores
  • Pressure ratings 3k thru 10k
  • Accumulators
    • Skid mounted and trailer mounted
  • 2-8 stations
  • Dual regulators
  • Remote panels
  • Nitrogen backup
  • Surge bottles for stripping operations
  • NACE MRO175

Covenant’s hydraulic lift sub will increase your efficiency and provide an additional safety element on location. Covenant has also fine-tuned numerous ways to monitor and control pressure, while wireline operations are active.

  • In-house design & manufacturing of pressure containing units
  • Technical support for pre-job planning and post-job review
  • Rig up drawings with weight & height
  • 100% material traceability
  • Maintenance Programs (Pre, Post, Annual, 5 year)
  • Certified equipment –copies available upon request
  • Batch management of elastomers

Technical Specs:

  • Cased hole equipment
    • 5k, 10k, 12.5k, and 15k packages
  • Open hole equipment
    • 5k, 10k, 12.5k, and 15k packages
  • Pipe recovery/side entry
  • Grease injectors
  • Test pumps
  • Air compressors
  • Accumulators (16st)
  • Hydraulic life sub
  • NACE MRO175