Covenant Testing Technologies offers high-quality Frac Stack equipment, to include customized packages designed for the specific demands that are unique to each region. High-pressure fracturing operations demand Frac Stack equipment that’s been carefully maintained, rigorously inspected and tested according to ISO-compliant quality assurance programs. Covenant stocks & maintains a wide variety of Frac Valves, Crosses, Goat Heads and Union Flanges. Additionally, Torque, Test & Valve Lubrication Services are available.All assembling and de-assembling of valves are performed according to OEM standards; valves are sent back for OEM recertification once a year and serial numbers are recorded. Covenant’s stringent maintenance procedures have resulted in a reputation for reliability in the field. The value to the operator is increased efficiencies, which yield lower completion costs.

Technical Specs:

  • Frac Stacks
    • from 3-1/16” thru 7-1/16”
  • Zipper Manifolds
    • 5-1/8” thru 7-1/16”
  • Flow Crosses
    • 1-13/16” to 7-1/16”
  • *pressure ratings 5k thru 15k psi
  • NACE MRO175