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  • Enclosed combustion device
  • 95% reduction in hydrocarbon emissions
  • Flask combustion risk mitigation
  • Reduced light and noise pollution
  • OOOO compliant
  • Vapor recovery and compression options
  • Multiple configurations for all size jobs
  • 98%+ burn efficiency
  • All volumetric flow rates (oil, water, gas, and solids)
    • Coriolis measurement on request
    • Full range multiphase meter (non-nuclear)
  • Digital tank levels
  • Pressure/temp
  • Wireless transmission
  • Customizable User Interface (HMI)
  • Local and cloud-based storage

By taking steps towards reducing costs and increasing safety, Covenant now offers fully automated, unmanned tools for operating sand management vessels. The units can be used in conjunction with almost any version and style of sand management vessel, are completely self contained and require no additional infrastructure to support, can be monitored and even operated remotely if desired.

  • 10k psi with 15k in development
  • Logic can be driven by differential pressure inputs, load cell, ultrasonic measurement or nearly any MODBUS source and even time based dump cycles
  • Solar and battery full autonomous operation allow for uninterrupted operation in any scenario with zero infrastructure

By employing a full range multi phase meter we can measure Well production and solids without separation. While not only reducing manpower, costs, consumables on location and footprint, the meters provide real time data that can be used to drive choke schedules and choke management as well as production system decisions on the fly.

  • Water cut accuracy to 0.5%
  • Real time production and volumetric rates of oil, water, gas and even methanol
  • No moving parts and nothing to wear out and no manpower required on location
  • Single initial calibration required
  • Complete autonomous and remote monitoring with real time data transmission