When it comes to optimizing production and maximizing every barrel, Covenant employs the most cutting edge technology the world knows by using full-range, non-nuclear multiphase meters providing things like water cut withing 0.5% accuracy. These tools coupled with choke management and Tier 1 personnel trained in optimization, will provide resolution, data and production results the operator can take to the bank.

  • Contract Pumper/Lease Operators
    Dedicated and trained staff or staff sourcing with experience in both Gas and Liquid plays.  Ability to work independently or as part of team to mitigate lost production and down time.
  • 24 hour production monitoring
    Dedicated staff trained to monitor production facilities and tank batteries, to ensure ongoing production is met, and problems are identified and mitigated to keep operations running as planned.  Operators are well rounded and experience with working in isolated and remote environments.
  • M&R OperatorsMechanically inclined individuals tasked with troubleshooting and repair of any and all production facility equipment, such as Compressors, VRU’s, Separators, Well Heads, and much more.
  • Midstream/Pipeline Operators
    Facility and Independent operators trained to mitigate problems and enhance efficiency regarding all oil and gas measurement and collection.
  • Automation Techs
    Responsible for integrity of automation/scada on production facilities to ensure both safety and production are continually met.
  • LDAR/AVO Operators
    Qualifications ranging from running Infrared cameras and in depth repair, to basic assessment and reporting to satisfy operator and state requirements
  • Environmental and Regulatory
    Experienced and seasoned operators that assist Producers with state and local government compliance.